In today's fast-paced digital world, businesses rely on software applications that can handle millions of requests per second, provide real-time analytics, and seamlessly integrate with third-party systems. However, having a software application alone is not enough to cater to the constantly evolving needs of businesses and their customers. A robust and scalable platform is required to support the software application's development and deployment.

This is where platform engineering comes into play. Platform engineering is the process of creating tools and workflows that allow software engineering teams to work more efficiently in the cloud-based environment. So a set of tools, workflows, and services that are integrated together to provide a unified platform referred as an "Internal Developer Platform" which helps developers with the entire lifecycle of an application. 

“Empowering developers to focus on innovation, not infrastructure, with an Internal Developer Platform”

The Internal Developer Platform is a layer on top of existing technology and tools that helps operations set up and allows developers to help themselves. The goal is to make the development process easier by providing clear instructions and easy-to-use tools that match the individual developer's preferred level of complexity.

Why Improwised Technologies  narrowed its focus to platform engineering

Improwised Technologies has been providing software engineering services from 2011, including cloud native web application development, technology consulting, product modernization and cloud infrastructure management services. Our software engineering services are still ongoing, and we have discovered a niche in infrastructure management services, which has led to the launch of We have gained a deep understanding of the challenges that businesses face when building and deploying complex software applications. We also realized that many of these challenges could be addressed by focusing on platform engineering.

“Unlock the full potential of your software applications with's expert platform engineering services” 

Platform engineering involves designing, building, and managing the infrastructure and tools that support software applications. By narrowing our focus to platform engineering, we can help our clients build more reliable, scalable, and secure platforms that can support their business objectives.

The importance of platform engineering in today's world

In today's digital world, businesses are competing on a global scale, and the success of any business largely depends on its ability to provide reliable and scalable services to its customers. As a result, platform engineering has become a critical aspect of software development and deployment. Here are some reasons why platform engineering is essential in today's digital world:


Scalability is crucial for businesses that want to grow and expand their operations. Platform engineering ensures that the platform can scale seamlessly and provide the necessary resources to support the application's growth. A platform that can scale horizontally or vertically can handle increased traffic, data, and users without any degradation in performance. 


In today's digital world, downtime is not an option. A reliable platform can guarantee high availability and ensure that the application is always up and running, and can handle any failures or outages without any impact on the application's availability.


Security is a top priority for businesses that want to protect their customers' data and intellectual property. A secure platform can prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and cyber-attacks. Platform engineering ensures that the platform is designed with security in mind and can handle any security threats and vulnerabilities.


Integration is critical for businesses that want to leverage third-party services, APIs, and data sources. The use of Platform engineering ensures that the platform can integrate with other services and APIs and provide a seamless user experience.

Previous Projects in Platform Engineering at Improwised Technologies

At Improwised Technologies, we have extensive experience in platform engineering, having worked on numerous projects for clients across various industries. Here is an example of our past work in platform engineering:

  • We recently assisted a collaborative social media platform with a large user base, which was facing issues related to cost and performance due to its complex infrastructure.
  • Our platform engineering team addressed this problem by simplifying its infrastructure and automating its deployment process. To achieve this, we migrated the application to a single self-managed Kubernetes cluster, consolidated the environments, and implemented (CI/CD) processes.
  • As a result of these efforts, the platform's monthly recurring cost was reduced by 70%. We were also able to streamline the infrastructure through automation and ensure zero downtime during the migration process. 

For a more detailed case study on this project, please visit our case study - From Complexity to Simplicity: A Cost Reduction Case Study through Infrastructure Consolidation and Automation for a Collaborative Social Media Platform

Improwised Technologies has a successful history of providing top-notch software engineering services to clients in different industries since 2011. Our software engineering services are still ongoing, and we have discovered a niche in infrastructure management services, which has led to the launch of Our proficiency in infrastructure management services, coupled with our dedication to platform engineering, enables us to create tailored solutions that address the unique needs and goals of our clients. If you need an experienced team to assist you with your platform engineering requirements, you may want to consider collaborating with

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