Our CI/CD service includes consulting, setup, and configuration for your web application platform. We integrate the platform with your version control system, set up build and test pipelines, and configure deployment processes.

We also provide training and support for your team to use and maintain the CI/CD processes effectively. This service is ideal for companies looking to improve their software development and increase release velocity. 

At our core, we hold the conviction to free humans from tech tasks that technology can effortlessly tackle for better use of time and energy.


Increased development velocity

Automating repetitive tasks leads to faster feedback, improved reliability, & increased efficiency, benefiting development teams.

Version control

We utilize version control systems such as Git, to keep track of changes and facilitate easy collaboration among team members.

Build automation

We automate the process of building & testing code to ensure that changes do not break existing functionality.

Test automation

Automated testing to catch bugs early and reduce the time needed for manual testing.

Deployment automation

Automate deploying code to different environments like development, staging, & production.

Infrastructure as code

We use code to manage & provision infrastructure, simplifying scalability & maintenance.


We ensure that your application and infrastructure are secure, and sensitive data is protected.


Our service is optimized to efficiently manage & process a rising volume of requests & deployments as your application continues to expand.


Our service offers versatility & is equipped to accommodate varying development methodologies & technologies with ease.


Code repository

Representing the source code repository where developers commit their changes.


Representing the process of compiling and building the code.


Representing the process of running automated tests verifying code functionality.


Representing the process of deploying the code to a production environment.


Representing the process of monitoring the deployed code to ensure it is working as expected.

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