API Gateway & Ingress Control: Orchestrating a High-Velocity API Ecosystem

Empower developers, simplify operations, and secure your APIs with a unified management solution

API Gateway & Ingress Control: Orchestrating a High-Velocity API Ecosystem | Platform Engineers
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The Central Hub for Your APIs

API Gateway Management

  • Centralized Control and Governance: API Gateway funnels traffic through a single point, centralizing versioning, access control, and security. This enables fine-grained user/application control via OAuth/OpenID Connect for authentication and authorization.

  • Traffic Management and Routing:  The API Gateway intelligently routes API requests based on URL paths, headers, or versions using predefined rules. It also implements load balancing across microservice instances for optimal performance and scalability.

  • API Transformation and Integration: Beyond routing, API Gateways can manipulate request/response data (validation, transformation, protocol conversion) and integrate with security/logging services for a holistic API management experience.

API Gateway Management
Ingress Control Management
The Gatekeeper at Network Perimeter

Ingress Control Management

  • Configuration Management Ingress: Control takes the complexity out of Kubernetes traffic routing.  Define URL-to-service mappings (including load balancing, authentication, and path options) in a simple format for automated updates.

  • Resource Monitoring & Alerting: Ingress controller management tracks performance (latency, errors) and backend health in real-time. It triggers alerts for potential issues before they disrupt traffic or API uptime.

  • Certificate Management: Ingress controller management automates TLS certificate headaches: issuance, renewal, and secret rotation - all integrated with CAs or Let's Encrypt.

API Gateway & Ingress Management

The Benefits of a Unified Approach

  • Enhanced Security: API gateways handle authentication, authorization, and rate limiting at the edge, providing an additional layer of security before traffic reaches the ingress controller and ultimately backend services.

  • Improved Observability: Centralized monitoring capabilities within the API gateway offer a holistic view of API usage, complementing metrics collected by the ingress controller for a comprehensive understanding of traffic patterns.

  • Microservices Architecture Support: API gateways excel at managing communication between various microservices within an application, while the ingress controller ensures traffic reaches these services efficiently.

The Benefits of a Unified Approach

API Gateway & Ingress Control Management

Streamlining Your Microservice Landscape with API Gateway & Ingress Control

Improved Developer Experience

API Gateway streamlines API work, letting developers focus on core microservice logic and speeding up development.

Tokenization and OAuth integration

​Implement industry-standard token-based authentication for enhanced security.

Offloading encryption tasks

​Improves performance by offloading the encryption/decryption workload from backend services.

Rate limiting and throttling

​Prevent API abuse by limiting the number of requests per user or application.

Load Balancing

​Ingress controllers distribute traffic across multiple instances of your microservices 

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