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Cloud Data Aggregation

Improved visibility and insights: Disparate data integration facilitates holistic operational, customer, and market visibility, enabling data-driven decisions and enhanced performance.

Simplified data management: Centralize your data chaos. Cloud aggregation offers a single home for all your info, streamlining management, saving resources, and simplifying compliance.

Enhanced analytics: Cloud-based data aggregation facilitates efficient execution of advanced analytics. This enables identification of key trends, patterns, and potentially valuable opportunities within the data.

Increased agility: Real-time cloud data aggregation enables rapid decision-making by offering immediate data insights, enhancing organizational agility in a dynamic market.

Cloud Data Aggregation
Data Aggregation Solutions

Data Aggregation Solutions

Grouping and Aggregation Functions:

  • Group data based on one or more attributes: This could involve grouping by time periods, product categories, or customer demographics.

  • Apply aggregation functions to each group: Common functions include sum (total sales), average, count (number of customers), minimum and maximum values.

Roll-up and Drill-down:

  • Roll-up: Summarize data at higher levels of granularity

  • Drill-down: Explore specific details within a group.

Data Aggregation Platforms

Trino: A blazing-fast, open-source SQL query engine for analyzing massive datasets across diverse data sources, making it ideal for real-time insights and data exploration.

DBT LAB: A cloud-based data transformation platform designed for data analysts and engineers to build, test, and deploy data pipelines efficiently, ensuring data quality and lineage.

Google BigQuery: A serverless data warehouse for querying and analyzing large-scale datasets with ease, offering powerful scalability, security, and integration with other Google Cloud services.

Materialize: An open-source, embedded analytical database that seamlessly integrates with your application, enabling real-time analytics and data-driven decision making without the need for separate data warehouses.

Data Aggregation Platforms

Integrating Data in the Cloud

Leverage the Power of Your Data with Cloud Integration and Tiering

Data Silos

​Isolated data stores that hinder data visibility and analysis.

High-Throughput Data Pipelines

​Efficient systems for transferring large volumes of data.

Data Quality Checks

​Processes to ensure data accuracy, consistency, and completeness.

Data Democratization

​Making data accessible to all relevant users.

Operational Efficiency

​Optimizing processes and resources to achieve desired outcomes.

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