Ensure Long-Term Data Accessibility and Compliance

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Cloud Data Tiering

Cloud data tiering is a storage optimization technique that automatically moves data between different storage tiers based on its access frequency and criticality. This helps organizations optimize costs by storing frequently accessed data on high-performance, but more expensive, storage tiers, while storing less frequently accessed data on lower-performance, but less expensive, storage tiers.

  • Automatic tiering: This type of tiering uses predefined policies to automatically move data between tiers based on its access patterns. 

  • Manual tiering: This type of tiering allows users to manually select which data to move to different tiers. This can be useful for data that does not fit neatly into predefined access patterns.

Cloud Data Tiering
Data Tiering  Architecture

Data Tiering Architecture

Automated Data Placement and Migration: It eliminates manual intervention by automating data movement based on predefined policies. This ensures optimal tier utilization, minimizing errors and maximizing storage efficiency over time.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Integration: Data tiering transcends on-premises limitations by embracing the cloud. This allows organizations to optimize storage costs and security by placing different data sets in the most suitable environment, be it the cloud or on-premises.

Data Lifecycle Management Integration: DLM integrated with data tiering automates the removal of inactive data, freeing valuable storage and streamlining compliance while reducing costs associated with unnecessary data retention. This intelligent approach optimizes storage utilization and simplifies data governance.

Data Tiering Platforms

Netapp Cloud Tiering: Seamless integration with existing on-premises NetApp storage, automated data movement between on-premises and cloud tiers, support for various cloud storage providers like AWS S3 and Azure Blob Storage.

IBM Spectrum Storage Software Defined Tiering: Comprehensive data lifecycle management features, multi-cloud support, integration with existing IBM storage infrastructure, advanced analytics and reporting.

HPE StoreOnce: Highly scalable architecture, automated data tiering based on access patterns and user-defined policies, integration with various storage and cloud platforms, cost-effective object storage options.

Data Tiering Platforms

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Faster data access

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Reduced storage costs

​Eliminate unnecessary storage expenses by tiering inactive data to lower-cost tiers.

Improved compliance

​Simplify compliance by automatically archiving data based on regulations.

Enhanced disaster recovery

​Ensure business continuity with secure and readily accessible data backups.

Simplified data management

​Gain centralized control and visibility over your entire data landscape.

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