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Kubernetes Backup & Data Protection

Granularity: Backups need to go beyond entire volumes and delve into individual containers or even application components.

Application Consistency: Ensuring backups capture data in a consistent state across all container replicas is crucial.

Automation and Integration: Seamless integration with CI/CD pipelines and automated backup schedules are vital for agility.

Scalability and Performance: Efficiently handling the dynamic scaling of containerized applications is paramount.

Kubernetes Backup & Data Protection
Kubernetes Disaster Recovery

Kubernetes Disaster Recovery

Application-Aware Backups: Understanding application state and dependencies ensures granular disaster recovery, minimizing downtime and data loss.

Automation is Key: Automating backup, failover, and recovery processes minimizes human intervention and error during critical moments.

Security and Immutability: Implement robust security measures and immutable backups to mitigate cyberattacks and data corruption.

Testing and Validation: Regularly test and validate DR plans to ensure effectiveness and identify potential pitfalls.

Kubernetes Migration

Containerization feasibility: Assess if applications can be efficiently containerized without significant code or configuration changes.

State management: Identify how application state (databases, filesystems) will be managed in the Kubernetes environment. Persistent volumes and stateful sets might be needed.

Cluster architecture: Design the cluster architecture considering resources, availability, and fault tolerance requirements.

Networking and security: Configure network policies and firewall rules to secure applications and restrict access within the cluster.

Kubernetes Migration

Kubernetes backup and disaster recovery solutions

Protect your Kubernetes environments from failures with comprehensive backups and disaster recovery strategies

Modern backup

Secure the operational metadata along with the persistent state of volumes and applications.

Global application awareness

Application-consistent snapshots make stateful and stateless app orchestration easier.

Configurable Recovery

Select components of your application deployments to recover on any Kubernetes cluster.

Data Protection

Offers significant data security capabilities such as scheduled backups & retention.

Data Migration

Enables cluster mobility by quickly transferring Kubernetes resources from one cluster to another‚Äč.

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